Halle/Saale, Germany, February 1st, 2022 – Navigo Proteins, a premier protein engineering company developing novel scaffold protein-based affinity ligands called Affilin® molecules from its Precision Targeting Toolbox, today announces the appointment of Chris-Carol Bremer, PhD, MD, MBA to take on the role of Chief Development Officer. With Dr. Bremer joining the Navigo leadership team, the company is fully geared to explore and expand the therapeutic potential of its Affilin® molecules as next-generation targeted therapies in oncology and immunology.

Henning Afflerbach, CEO of Navigo Proteins said, “I am very pleased to welcome Chris to the Navigo team. Chris has a strong background in the pharma industry, combining extensive global experience in pharmaceutical research and commercial business development. It is a dynamic time for the Precision Targeting business at Navigo. Encouraged by very promising Affilin® data from our in-house and partnered projects, we are now prioritizing the advance of Affilin® molecules in the fast-growing field of targeted radiotherapy and theranostics. The pure and precise Affilin®-based therapeutics offer significant advantages over conventional approaches and hold promise to be best-in-class solutions in immune-oncology. Chris brings to the team invaluable knowledge and business acumen which is a terrific add-on to Navigo’s capabilities for our upcoming plans to expand Affilin®-based targeted therapies in precisely chosen fields of application.”

“I am very excited to join Navigo today. First-generation precision therapeutics are already making a big difference for patients with limited available options in today’s clinical practice, but I am convinced that a new era of targeted therapeutics is just starting, and Navigo Proteins is superbly positioned to provide the essential components of next-generation immunology and oncology products. The Navigo Team has a strong track record and a best-in-class platform to make truly transformational treatments available to patients in the future and it is a true privilege to be a part of this effort.”, commented Dr. Bremer.

Dr. Bremer joins Navigo Proteins from the Grünenthal Group where, as their Executive Vice President, he was responsible for pipeline product strategy from pre-clinical to late-stage clinical development, as well as commercial licensing. His experience further includes biotech and big pharma partner projects as well as management of the North American business unit to highlight a few. He is all set to join the Navigo Leadership team from 1st of February 2022.

About Navigo Proteins GmbH

Navigo Proteinsis a premier protein engineering company developing optimized affinity ligands, based on its proprietary platform of selected, small, and stable, yet highly engineerable scaffold proteins. These ligands serve as target-binding proteins in biotherapeutic molecules (PRECISION TARGETING) or for commercial custom affinity purification of biologics (PRECISION CAPTURING®). Precision Targeting delivers proprietary Affilin® molecules based on human ubiquitin protein as a scaffold – a highly conserved, small (8.5 kDa) and stable, natural, human protein, also present in plasma. Going beyond the creation of target-binding Affilin® molecules, Precision Targeting also provides a versatile toolbox to design customized, next-generation targeted biotherapeutics. A major strength of the Precision Targeting toolbox is its modular engineerability. The target-specific Affilin® molecules can be combined with a variety of carrier units for site-specific payload coupling as well as
custom half-life extension moieties and varying function-conferring effector modules. Navigo has chosen to develop its Affilin® ligands in four different fields of use, as Affilin® radiotherapeutics, Affilin® drug conjugates, CAR-T cell therapy and targeted exosome therapy, to deliver best-in-class alternativesto conventional technologies. The toolbox also enables the expansion of existing technologies. Affilin® molecules can, for example, be fused to antibodies to create robustto-produce bi- and multi-specific molecules called MabfilinTM/FabfilinTM. For more information visit https://www.navigo-proteins.com/ and follow Navigo Proteins on LinkedIn.

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