Precision Capturing Whitepaper

Custom Affinity Chromatography for Commercial Use

Therapeutic proteins are becoming more and more successful. They are produced from various expression systems, including bacteria, fungi, insect, plant, and mammalian cells. For pre-clinical, clinical, and commercial development and therapeutic use, these proteins need to be purified to homogeneity in individually custom-tailored downstream processes (DSP) for each protein anew, depending on their physicochemical properties.

In this article, we present a novel affinity-based technology platform, Precision Capturing®, for GMP-compliant, platformized downstream process development of recombinant therapeutic proteins and other biologics without an antibody Fc-part (non-Fc biologics). The advantages of Precision Capturing® are de-risked, shorter DSP development and manufacturing times, higher yields, greater process robustness and predictability, and notably the early implementation of a reliable, scalable purification method. Precision Capturing® thus creates unique custom affinity chromatography solutions for commercial recombinant protein production.

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