Who We Are

Protein Engineering Experts

Navigo Proteins is a successful and steadily growing, privately held protein engineering company, which develops best-in-class custom precision affinity ligands, based on selected protein scaffolds.

We partner with pharma, biotech and life science companies to build innovative biotherapeutics as well as provide next-generation custom affinity solutions for commercial biologics manufacturing based on our proprietary affinity ligands.

Our outstanding protein engineering capabilities rely on our dedicated specialist team with in-depth expertise and a strong track record. Our combined know-how is complemented by a state-of-the-art technology toolbox, including robotics-assisted selection and screening technology platforms.

Precision Specialists

Navigo Proteins focuses on two core business areas:

Precision Capturing®

Custom-developed, proprietary affinity chromatography solutions for commercial 1-step capture of biologics, including recombinant proteins, vaccines, viruses, viral vectors, antibodies, as well as other complex biotherapeutics. Robust, predictable, cost-effective.

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Precision Targeting

Tailor-made targeting proteins for therapeutics and diagnostics, highly selective, stable, defined, proprietary affinity ligands, modularly combined with other function-conferring effector modules for building innovative biopharmaceutical drugs.

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Our Mission

We create innovative binder-proteins to revolutionize commercial biologics manufacturing as well as biopharmaceutical drug development. With our highly experienced specialist team and our continuously evolving technology platform we combine our expertise with that of our partners to optimize biopharmaceutical drugs and their production.