Antibody Purification

Fc-Biologics Manufacturing

Navigo Proteins provides a solution for increasing global demands in antibody manufacturing with its innovative, best-in-class, next generation Protein A-like affinity ligands. Our proprietary Protein A-like ligands offer exceptional caustic stabilities, highest dynamic binding capacities and mild elution conditions: Together with other crucial industrial downstream processing characteristics they are superior to currently available protein A resin products. In a co-development project with Repligen Corporation we created the NGL-Impact™A affinity ligand, an exceptional Protein A-like ligand that sets new standards in the field of antibody purification.

To see further antibody resins currently in development, check out our project pipeline.

NAVIGO Protein A Binding Converted 01
Protein A-like ligand binding to the antibody Fc part.
NAVIGO Dynamic Binding Capacities Graph 600x400px
Artificial Protein A-like ligands have superior dynamic binding capacities (DBC).