Navigo Proteins’ experienced management is supported by an interdisciplinary team of highly motivated scientists, engineers, and technicians. Our core expertise is protein engineering, spanning the fields of protein chemistry and analytics, as well as assay development, automation, and molecular and cell biology. This excellent expertise is complemented by our driven business development, project management and general administration teams, as well as bioinformatics and intellectual property specialists.

Navigo Team

Afflerbach 2

Dr. Henning Afflerbach


Haupts 1

Dr. Ulrich Haupts

CSO & Managing Director

Richter 3

Andreas Richter


Chris Carol Bremer

Dr. Chris-Carol Bremer


Settele 1

Dr. Florian Settele

Head of Business Unit Precision Capturing®

Bosse Doenecke 1

Dr. Eva Bosse-Doenecke

Head of Affilin Discovery

Fiedler 1

Dr. Erik Fiedler

Head of Precision X & Precision A Development

Haucke 1

Dr. Kerstin Haucke

Director Intellectual Property

Apel 2

Christian Schlossarek

Manager Human Resources

Advisory Board

Blindportrait 1

Udo J. Vetter


Blindportrait 1

Prof. Dr. Dr. Rolf Werner

Honorary Professor Industrial Biology, University of Tuebingen

Blindportrait 1

Oliver Buck

Blindportrait 1

Winfried Storz


Navigo Proteins creates innovation in next generation, best-in-class affinity ligands for both custom affinity chromatography and biopharmaceutical drug development. We initiate our ligand discovery programs together with our partners or on the basis of our own research projects. Our commercial strategy is founded on a strong IP position that provides full patentability of any derived products. The commercial prospects of our company are based on service fees and/or milestone components.