Navigo Proteins is a long-standing, steadily growing, and privately held protein engineering company. We create and optimize proprietary protein ligands for affinity chromatography and precision medicine, utilizing our flexible, modular, high-throughput-based affinity ligand platform, based on our Affilin® technology.

We partner with pharmaceutical, biotech and life science companies. Our outstanding protein engineering capabilities rely on our dedicated specialist teams with in-depth expertise and a strong, proven track record. Their combined know-how is complemented by a state-of-the-art technology tool-box, including robotics-assisted selection and screening equipment.

Navigo Proteins focuses on two core business areas:

Precision Capturing:
Custom-developed affinity protein ligands for capturing antibodies, non-antibodies, viral, cellular and other complex biotherapeutics.

as well as

Precision Targeting:
Tailor-made targeting proteins for therapeutics and diagnostics.

Our protein engineering expertise is based on various exceptionally stable scaffold proteins which can be flexibly engineered for any affinity and specificity to bind a vast spectrum of target molecules. The unique properties of our so-called “Affilin®” platform make them the ideal choice in all applications where antibodies show limitations.

Navigo Proteins creates engineered Affilin® molecules for different purposes: as affinity ligands in biologics downstream processing (Precision Capturing) and for biopharmaceutical applications (Precision Targeting). For example, a target-binding Affilin® fused to a payload can be used as a therapeutic and a diagnostic at the same time (“Theranostics”).

We create, modify and engineer smart, innovative binder-proteins, based on our versatile Affilin® platform. With our highly experienced specialist team -our biggest resource- and our continuously evolving technology platform we meticulously optimize every Affilin® binder protein for all its crucial properties: specificity, stability, and manufacturability. The results are small, stable and economically produced industrial protein ligands, precisely optimized for their specific task.

At Navigo Proteins we leverage our expertise by developing innovative products together with our partners or by offering protein engineering services, to maximize the value of our company.