Mabfilin and Fabfilin - New antibody-scaffold fusion formats for multispecific targeting concepts

Protein based binding molecules have a broad applicability from therapeutic to technical use. Monoclonal antibodies represent the major class of this type of agents complemented by innovative approaches using scaffold proteins with tailor-made properties. Various concepts for new formats combining antibody chains or antibody fragments and fusions with other entities have been developed recently. This strategy opens up options to design molecules with biophysical, biochemical and pharmacological characteristics in a broad range while simultaneously addressing several targets or epitopes. The demand for such compounds is still growing as reflected by the literature and further new ideas are expected. In this context we developed so called Mabfilin and Fabfilin molecules. The formats synergistically bring together the classical antibody or fragments thereof supplemented with additional binding moieties, the Affilin® molecules. These are based on the scaffold ubiquitin endowed with novel targeting properties by local randomization and selection from combinatorial libraries. Mab-/Fabfilin variants show advantageous biochemical properties and open a new route for the development of multispecific compounds for flexible applications.

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