Oliver Buck

Oliver holds a graduate degree in theoretical physics from the Technical University of Munich and is an alumnus of the German National Academy for Security Policy and the “Young Leaders Program” of the Atlantik Brücke/ American Council on Germany. He spent his professional career in a variety of entrepreneurial and management positions including being founder, managing director and developer of several companies in the fields of manufacturing, technology, demilitarization, pharmaceutical and information technologies. Oliver is the co-founder of ITM Isotopen Technologien München AG (one of the largest isotope manufacturing and distribution companies in the world) which was founded with Technical University of Munich. Since 2012, Oliver has acted as senior advisor to the CEO in a role that continues to support the ITM Group as it has become a leader in next generation medical isotopes and theranostics. Since 2017 Oliver has been a member of the board of Melbourne/Australia based Telix Pharmaceuticals -a specialist in the development and commercialization of molecular targeted radiation. At Navigo, Oliver advises the management and the board on how to grow and mature both business units – Precision Targeting and Precision Capturing® – so that they may become seamlessly interlocked solutions for next generation treatment concepts of personalized medicine.