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Dr. Florian Settele

Head of Business Unit Precision Capturing®


»Navigo Proteins’ aim is to deliver optimal solutions for the varying goals of our customers from different fields of the industry. Precise project coordination with our partners is crucial for every successful project. As Manager Commercial Alliances it is my goal to guide our partners through product development with open and transparent communication to reach the best possible outcome efficiently.«

Florian joined Navigo Proteins in 2011 as a scientist, first responsible for the selection of lead candidates by phage display. After developing into Project Coordinator from 2015-2017 for numerous external projects he became Manager Commercial Alliances from 2017-2019, being responsible for all external project communication and coordination with our partners. In 2019 he was appointed Head of Navigo Protein’s business unit Precision Capturing®. Florian received his PhD in Cell and Molecular Biology at the German Cancer Research Institute (DKFZ) in Heidelberg and has since also completed a Master of Business Administration at the Handelshochschule Leipzig (HHL).